Swedice Skatefloor
Swedice Skatefloor
Swedice artificial skatefloor
Swedice Skatefloor


Skatefloor from Swedice Alternativ presents a new ecologically conscious way of skating and provides a great alternative to skating on real ice.  It is not the same as skating on natural or artificial ice but comes very close to recreating the true skating sensation. The synthetic skating rinks are a low energy and environmentally friendly example of the innovative products that Swedice Alternativ offers. They can be delivered in a diverse range of sizes and can be set up at any location you can think of, inside as well as in the open air.

Skatefloor guarantees Wintertainment the whole year through. As well as creating your artificial ice rink, Swedice can also help with your interior layout including lighting, music and safety hoardings. In short, skating pleasure the whole year through for young and old without the need of a single winter snowflake!

Characteristics of Skatefloor:

  • Minimum lifespan of fifteen years
  • Simple plate installation with a tongue/groove and a removable fixation pin
  • Maintenance with water-based scrubbing system
  • Material consists of high pressure synthetic material not subject to warping or distortion
  • The floor can be turned over and the underside also used. In addition, it is possible to remove the top 2-3mm, resulting in the formation of a new top layer
  • Once laid, needs to be initially treated with a slip agent and water; after approximately three weeks, only 1-2% slip agent needs to be added to the water, dependent on location (inside or outside)


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