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Swedice snowsystem

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 Skiing and snowboarding are two of the fastest growing sports around and are popular with all ages.  Winter sport fanatics are becoming more and more demanding and will stop at nothing as they look towards the next exciting winter challenge. Swedice offers unique, fun solutions including snow ramps, slides, cross-country skiing tracks and tubing pistes, to satisfy this ever-growing demand for more exciting winter adventures.

Indoor snow complexes foresee an increasing need to provide snow-based entertainment the whole year through and the Netherlands is emerging as a forerunner in this development. Swedice is currently involved in creating the longest indoor snow piste in the Netherlands; a development focusing on the interests of visitors and participants alike.

Swedice produces unique floor-cooling systems for ski and snow halls. Because the Swedice System cools the snow from the floor, the temperature in the hall is much more comfortable and the snow can be maintained for longer, thereby reducing the amount that needs to be produced. This floor-cooling system can also be used for mobile or temporary snow surfaces or slides.

Swedice can advise you regarding the entire fine tuning that is necessary for delivering the ultimate snow experience for visitors. Take for example the quality of the snow, the temperature, the noise level and the relative humidity. Swedice combines the knowledge of snow domes with the expertise of specialists in the area of refrigeration, architecture, engineering and operations.

Are you looking for the ideal solution for your snow system? Contact us today and ask about the possibilities available.


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