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Related Products

Swedice has developed into an experienced, full service provider of permanent and mobile ice-rinks. Even before a project has started, their experience is evident when it comes to helping and supporting your request for a licence or permit from the relevant authorities. As well as constructing your ice-rink, Swedice offers numerous other complementary services including setting up hoardings, café and restaurant facilities and entertainment that ensures your ice-rink will be a crowd-puller.

Make Swedice Ice and Snow Technology your one-stop-shop for:

  • boarding systems: for a wide variety of applications
  • skating: rental and/or delivery
  • ice-cleaning machines: relevant advice and delivery
  • chalets: for housing cafes and restaurants
  • skis and cross-country skiing equipment
  • atmospheric winter lighting and sound systems 
  • roofing

For the complete realisation of your ice and snow sensation, you can also consider:

  • ice sculptures
  • landscaping
  • igloos
  • slides (from ice or snow)
  • ramps
  • an ice bar
  • a climbing wall
  • snowmen
  • ice bar with a genuine layer of frost


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T +31 (0)73 6400614 | F +31 (0)73 6400615 | E swedice@swedice.com