Swedice: Adding value to fun

Swedice brings you all your Ride, Slide & Glide fun. We design and install ice-rinks and tubing tracks, but we really do so much more than that. We deliver an experience. We bring added value to your location. Our years of experience ensure that we can surprise you with our creative ideas. Ride, Slide & Glide with us, and create the ultimate experience for your location.


IceFloor or Neveplast synthetic mats make our ideas come to life. Perhaps you’re looking for an ice rink or a tubing track. Feeling extra inspired? Make the experience even more unique with a cross-country course, ski track, go-kart circuit, or something completely different. Let Swedice surprise you.

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Through our concepts, our products become one with your environment. We think along with you about audience flow, food and beverage options, ticket sales, and all kinds of other things involved with the experience. We bring your location to life.

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Our service continues even after your experience has been realised. All of our product components are available separately and can be installed whenever a component needs to be replaced.

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Adding value to ...

Our slogan is also our greatest asset: offering added value. Our products are special, and our service makes us unique. With over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to create a distinctive experience for your location.

When you think of Swedice, do you only think of ice rinks or tubing rinks? Our creativity goes far beyond that! Think of:

  • Cross-country skiing without snow
  • Skiing on synthetic material
  • A kart circuit full of unexpected turns
  • Ice games without freezing temperatures
  • Or any other unique idea

We think along with you and give solicited and unsolicited advice. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of installing an ice rink in your shopping centre, but we see possibilities for something completely different. We’ll share our ideas with you and are happy to take you into our Ride, Slide and Glide world. Let our creativity run wild so that you can create an unforgettable experience at your location.