Denise Kemmeren: “Designing and thinking along in the visualization of attractions is where my heart lies”

As a creative Young Professional recently graduated as International Leisure and Event Manager, with a specialization in Attractions and Theme Parks Management. In addition, Denise graduated as a stand, shop, set and product designer. Denise conducted her graduation research on the Dutch market for Swedice, after which she started working at Swedice as a designer.

“I like to look for the right details to enhance a concept and add value to the location.”

Combination between design and management

Within Swedice it is her dream to create unique immersive experiences in which both her design and management skills can be combined. This is a valuable addition to the Swedice team.

Together with concept developer Mark, she works on creative ideas for your location. “Proposing ideas, thinking through the consequences of choices or refining things in the design are my thing. That’s how I complement Swedice’s designs.”

This is Denise

  • Young Professional with great ambition
  • With a clear opinion about design
  • 2D and 3D design at its best

Denise has a clear vision

As a trained designer, thinking outside the box is self-evident for Denise. So even when she thinks along for Swedice, she thinks result-oriented and with a clear vision. “Imagination takes you infinitely far, with that gaze I keep looking at an assignment again and again.”