Denise Kemmeren: “With my passion for management and my creative vision, I make every project a success”

With a background in design and event management, Denise has an in-depth view of projects as a project manager. She is creative, structured and driven. Her passion for managing ensures structured processes and good communication within the team. With a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills, Denise is key to thoughtful and successful project execution at Swedice. She is also involved in the development of new products where her creative and practical vision provides a lot of useful information.

“Managing and thinking along in the visualization of Projects and Products, that is where my heart lies.”

Collaboration and planning

Denise understands that successful projects depend not only on individual efforts, but on seamless collaboration and proper planning. She knows how to combine the unique talents of each team member to achieve stunning results. Her open communication, structure and leadership skills ensure that projects run very smoothly.

This is Denise

  • Communicates clearly
  • Brings structure to every project
  • Creative Project & Product manager

Denise brings projects to life

With Denise Kemmeren as Project & Product manager, Swedice guarantees not only spectacular results, but also an adventure full of creativity, collaboration and professionalism. Whether it’s designing ice rinks or realizing unique tubing slides, Denise is ready to drive your project and bring it to life.