Dick Keser: “With Swedice, I want to add fun to your location.”

An avid skater, ski enthusiast, and an all-round ice lover. That’s exactly what you’d expect Dick Keser, owner of Swedice, to be. However, he’d rather stand on solid ground. What makes him so passionate about Swedice? “I want to create fun for a large group of people and let others ride, slide, and glide with joy.” After more than 20 years at the helm of Swedice, he still gets a kick out of seeing smiling people on his tracks.

“Life’s about having fun, and with Swedice, I bring that to others around the world every day. From Amsterdam to Guatemala.”

Dick adds value with honest advice

Don’t expect a fancy sales pitch from him. Dick prefers to tell it like it is. “It’s not about targets or numbers. I want to add something that’s the best fit for your location. Are you asking for an ice rink, but would a tubing track suit the target group better? Then that’s what I’ll tell you.” Dick thinks along with you, and for Swedice, transparency is key.  

This is Dick

  • Not a skater, but feels at home on the ice as an ice surfer.
  • Honest and creative in his advice.
  • Uses his network to provide you with a full concept.

Loyalty is key

A good relationship with you as our client is paramount. Dick will sit down with you, get to know you, and think of the best ways to have fun at your location. He doesn’t just stay in touch about maintenance – he also likes to share innovations with you or brainstorm about new concepts. Simply because that’s where his passion lies.

Dick puts you in touch with the right people if you need them. Are you looking for lights around the ice rink? Dick will connect you to the right party. A bridge over the tubing track? Consider it done. A beautiful end product is his goal, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make it possible.