Frank de Ridder: “Sharing the Swedice story is what drives me.”

Ice rinks and ski runs have always been part of Frank’s life: his father used to run a refrigeration tech company that also built ice rinks. As a business developer at Swedice, Frank makes sure that every step is thought through in terms of adding value. “My goal is to always remind ourselves of what we’re good at and what we should be doing. We always need to remember to add value for the customer.”

“We believe in our products and help the customer to create the best solution.”

Passionate about rock-solid positioning 

“Over 20 years of experience, solid and durable products, and confidence in our services: the Swedice story just makes sense. All we need is someone to tell it like it is and make sure our colleagues follow through.” And that person is Frank. As a business developer, he looks for areas of improvement in the company and finds out how to make Swedice’s positioning a priority. “That way, the customer sees who we are, and they’re able to appreciate us as a serious partner.”

This is Frank 

  • Commercially creative and focused on sales 
  • Over 20 years of positioning experience from his own company
  • Swedice’s brand strategist

Frank shows the Swedice DNA 

It’s not surprising to find Frank working at Swedice, and that his task is to establish the Swedice DNA. It’s something he’s always been passionate about. For years, he helped various clients to achieve their goals and establish their values. Now he contributes to the values and goals of Swedice. “I work on our communications, the website, photography, and our social media. I make sure everyone communicates what Swedice stands for.”