Inaad Ali: “The tubing and ice industry is my home.”

With over 20 years of experience in the tubing and ice industry, the technology of ice rinks and tubing fun no longer holds any secrets for Inaad Ali. An ice master from the Maldives? Sounds rare, but at Swedice, we’ve got one. Inaad is a serious technician. He builds, invents, innovates, and maintains our rinks. “I like to be active in my work. Just let me build and develop new products… that’s what makes me happy.”

“Being proactive, finding technical solutions, and building rinks: that’s what I love doing the most. I make sure that every rink is perfect.” 

Inaad adds value with over 20 years of experience

Inaad is no stranger to Swedice. He started working at our ice rinks back in 2000. “Back then, I only worked on rinks for separate projects. I worked on locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and discovered how much fun it is.” About 6 years ago, Inaad joined Team Swedice full time.

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve been able to build up my technical experience. I like the technology of tube and ice rinks, and I like to improve things. I’ve worked on large permanent ice rinks, but also on temporary rinks. I love every single one of them. The fact that we develop our own techniques is so exciting.” Inaad has seen all the different systems, sizes, and locations. No request is too outlandish.

This is Inaad

  • The first ice master from the Maldives (at least, that’s what we think). He wears a beanie all year round: “Well, the climate in the Maldives is simply unbeatable.” 
  • Has over 20 years of experience in tubing fun and ice technology. 
  • Knows every system and detail at Swedice. 

Extensive product knowledge

Leave the implementation, management, and maintenance of products to Inaad. He likes to work on new ideas in our warehouse. “If we have a new plan, I like to work it out straight away. I get there by trial and error. We always end up with a product that I can stand behind 100% and that I can install with confidence.”

No one knows all the technical aspects of our products better than Inaad. He’s also an expert in all the products around the rink. “I personally process all products and separate parts that come to us in the warehouse. There isn’t a product here that I don’t know.” Inaad uses the skate sharpener and handles all our machines, and when there are problems with a rink, Inaad is the one you call!