Jaap Koopmans: “Conveying a story in a complete design, that is my passion.”

As a recently graduated engineer with a master’s degree in architecture, Jaap brings a wealth of knowledge and innovative thinking to the design team of Swedice. Jaap not only knows how to support the Swedice team on technical issues but also collaborates with colleague Mark to conceptualize and design unique experiences.

“Thanks to my knowledge and skills, I know how to create innovative experiences”

Graphic design

To provide clients with a better understanding of how concepts can be realized, Jaap transforms these concepts into visual designs. By visualizing the initial stages of a project, clients have a clearer point of reference. Moreover, this approach also allows clients to provide the design team of Swedice with more specific feedback. This allows projects to be tailored even better to the client’s wishes.

This is Jaap

  • Architectural designer with a keen interest in the leisure industry
  • Technical understanding

Fascination for the leisure industry

Jaap’s fascination for the leisure industry knows no bounds. Every day, he travels over 200 kilometers to work at Swedice. His future dream? To create meaningful experiences where design, technology, and art seamlessly converge.