Jesse Hoksbergen: “I am building your experiences”

As the right hand of colleague Inaad, Jesse is constantly working on various projects and maintaining our products. He participates in making customers’ ideas and dreams come true and enjoys exceeding their expectations.

“I enjoy being able to get results by doing physical work.”


Jesse works under Inaad’s direction on a variety of projects and is known for his accuracy. He makes sure every product is installed safely, ensuring a reliable experience for your guests. Jesse is approachable and, along with colleague Inaad, is happy to keep you updated on the progress of your project.

This is Jesse

  • Accurate
  • Eager to learn

Action and results

Jesse is a doer; he likes action and results. He feels most comfortable when he gets to do physical work. His approach is goal-oriented. Jesse does not shy away from problems and thinks in terms of possibilities. Client satisfaction is a high priority for him. Together with colleague Inaad, he ensures that every project is a success.