Mark van Rooij: “Through concept development, I create the full package.”

With his creativity and solution-oriented thinking skills, Mark creates total solutions that fit the client’s needs. His unique designs and concepts allow dreams and ideas to be realized. Mark dives deep into detail and ensures that even the smallest aspects of his design fit within the overarching concept. But what drives Mark beyond his undeniable passion for design and conceptualization? It is his fascination with theme parks! Mark loves to keep abreast of the latest developments and trends in the industry. This constant search for innovation is what keeps his designs alive and relevant.

“I think outside the context and beyond just an ice rink or tubing track. I give my creativity free rein when it comes to atmosphere, setting, and theme.”

Eye for detail

Through his keen focus on design, innovation and development, Mark delivers high quality total solutions to clients. He takes care of his projects and leaves nothing to chance. Whether custom or standard products, Mark strives for perfection down to the smallest details. He works out projects very carefully, providing clients with a total package of quality and functionality.

This is Mark

  • Product and concept development at Swedice.
  • Always curious about the latest developments in leisure.

Kinetic Creative

Mark van Rooij heads our in-house design studio, Kinetic Creative. Here, creative concepts and designs are created for Swedice’s clients as well as other parties in the leisure sector. With a wide range of projects, from indoor playgrounds to water parks, Kinetic Creative fulfills the needs of the industry with thoughtful and innovative solutions.