Mark van Rooij: “Through concept development, I create the full package.”

Mark thinks outside the box and looks beyond ice rinks or tubing tracks. He always unleashes his creativity on the total concept and thinks up, designs, and turns a tubing track into a rich experience. “I bring a rink to life with designs related to our products, and I implement a winter theme in every detail.” What drives Mark beyond his passion for design? His fascination with theme parks and his tendency to always be on top of the latest developments.

“I think outside the context and beyond just an ice rink or tubing track. I give my creativity free rein when it comes to atmosphere, setting, and theme.”

Eye for detail

Mark is responsible for product development within Swedice. He’s our champion in design, innovation, and development. “Whether it’s a custom job or a standard product, I make sure that quality is guaranteed and that the design matches the concept as much as possible.”

This is Mark

  • Product and concept development at Swedice.
  • Always curious about the latest developments in leisure.

The man behind Kinetic

Mark’s concept development was an immediate success. Customers were not only looking for a Swedice product; they also requested visualisations and designs for other projects. “We saw an increase in requests for visualisations and designs for different projects.” That’s why Mark and Dick started Kinetic Creative at the end of 2015.

“With Kinetic Creative, I take concept development to the next level. I use all my creativity in concept development and set design, focused on the leisure industry.” From indoor playgrounds to water parks – he’s got experience in all kinds of fields.