Peggy Hanegraaf: “Working with numbers? Leave that up to me”

While our clients may not see her often, she’s indispensable. Peggy works as an administrative employee and manages Swedice’s finances. As an enthusiastic team member, she also takes on a lot of HR work. This makes her the stable factor at Swedice. “Because we’re a small, informal team, I can also contribute to new developments. That makes me feel even more involved.”

“I’m always curious about how everything works. Technology is not really my thing, but I do like to talk to colleagues about our products and services to do an even better job of helping them. That’s what I get really excited about.”

SStructure and accuracy

People describe Peggy’s working method as accurate and structured. Handling the financial administration, bookkeeping and invoices: she does it all. “Working with numbers is my strength. But I also like to discover new things.” Peggy is increasingly moving towards taking on HR tasks as well. Helping people is what she likes best and that’s exactly what she does for us at Swedice.

This is Peggy

  • Brings structure to Swedice
  • Enjoys taking on new tasks such as HR work
  • Loves thinking about products to better serve the customer

Involved with the team

“I don’t have any specific knowledge of technology, but I do enjoy thinking about new concepts and developments.” Peggy is always curious. If something strikes her, she immediately wants to know how it works. At the same time, we can always turn to Peggy for her honest opinion or to offer a fresh take on an idea.