Stefanie de Jongh: “Where data and design come together, brilliant business cases emerge”

With a recently completed degree in International Tourism Management with a specialization in Attractions and Theme Parks Management, as well as a degree in Commercial Economics with a focus in International Event Music and Entertainment Studies, Stefanie brings versatile skills to the team. As an R&D Specialist, Stefanie excels at discovering unique opportunities in business cases. She also provides support to Swedice’s design team.

“Let’s shape the future together through research and design!”

Research and design

What makes Stefanie special is her data-driven approach. Her ability to analyze data and turn it into strategies allows her to accurately understand market trends and customer preferences. Stefanie also builds databases on Swedice’s products and translates customer and assignment information into solid business cases.

In addition to all analyses and business cases, Stefanie also supports Swedice’s design team in various projects. She actively thinks along to find solutions that meet the needs of the customer. Whether this involves creating unique attractions or optimizing guest experiences.

This is Stefanie

  • Specialist in analyzing data
  • Innovative


Stefanie is passionate about creating sustainable and well-thought-out solutions, focusing not only on the present, but also on the future. Therefore, in addition to her other work, she is also involved in the innovation of Swedice’s products.