Thomas Verleg: “I take care of your project down to the last detail.”

Curious about the planning? Do you want to know who’s building what and when at your location? Whatever question you may have about the project, project manager Thomas Verleg has the answer. “I take care of all the planning up to and including the execution of the construction and operational period. I know exactly what’s happening at your location, and when.” This is how Thomas makes your experience a success.

“Managing multiple projects at the same time, making sure everything runs smoothly, and working hard for the desired end result – that’s what gives me energy.”

Thomas adds value with structure

As soon as you start a project with Swedice, Thomas comes into the picture. Structure is his middle name. He plans the project and calls in the right people to bring your experience to life. He communicates with suppliers, transporters, all of the other partners, and with you, the customer. “I’m the contact person for the customer on location. I manage the people, adjust the planning where necessary, and deliver the project. Together with the customer, I go over everything before we give the go-ahead. This is the best way for us to be sure that everything’s in order before the visitors start enjoying themselves.”

This is Thomas

  • Your point of contact during and after projects
  • Started as an intern and never left
  • Brings structure to large-scale projects

Safety first with the right certification

If you’re going to install an ice rink, tubing course, cross-country skiing system, or any other Swedice experience, you want to be sure that everything is safe. Thomas laid that foundation by researching certification for tubing rinks during his studies. “I researched what certification was needed and how we could achieve it.” Now you can be sure that everything meets the necessary safety requirements.