Tijn Roovers: “Building sustainable client relationships with a strategic mindset”

As a recent International Leisure and Event Manager graduate with a specialization in Attractions and Theme Parks Management, Tijn has a fresh perspective on how people spend their leisure time and how businesses can grow in this dynamic industry. In his role as a junior business developer at Swedice, Tijn excels at identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities. His strategic and social skills allow him to build and maintain sustainable client relationships. Tijn is a valuable addition to Swedice and a true asset for our clients.

“I find satisfaction in transforming business opportunities into success stories for our valued clients!”

Developing the business

Tijn turns commercial opportunities into tangible growth. He analyzes market trends and translates them into innovative proposals. Tijn develops strategies to enter new markets while also maintaining client relationships. He also contributes to optimizing business processes and representing Swedice at various events. With determination to exceed goals, Tijn is an enthusiastic driver of growth and business success.

This is Tijn

  • Strategic mindset
  • Young professional in Leisure and Event Management 

Suitable solution

Thanks to Tijn’s passion for the leisure industry, he manages to inspire and enthuse our clients. He not only provides clients with requested information, but also thinks along with them to an appropriate solution. In this way, Tijn tries to help our clients in the best possible way.