From a single track to a full experience: our concepts

An experience. A unique attraction that adds value to your location. One that becomes part of the environment. Where thought has been given to audience flow, food and drink options, ticket sales, and sustainability. Everything that makes your location the best it can be. Swedice delivers an experience that gives visitors a wow feeling. Make an impact with our concepts! 

Attraction and environment become one

You have a vision. A goal. While one may want to attract parents and children, another can be looking for a permanent attraction that draws visitors from all over the world. Your objective is the foundation of your concept. We propose ideas based on your vision, location, and preconditions, and develop our designs in detail. This is how the concept really comes to life! Together, we can determine what other unique elements we can add.  

Thanks to our 20 years of knowledge and experience, we always surprise people. Creative minds bring lively, feasible, and safe ideas together into a concept. Alright, let’s meet the team that makes it happen!

Customised rinks

Swedice makes standard unique again. An even steeper slope. A sharp turn to the left around your food court. Round boarding. Personalised inner tubes. With a custom twist, we refresh our standard products and create a unique concept. Together, we look at the possibilities your space has to offer and how they fit with your vision.  

Swedice distinguishes itself through its energy-efficient products. For example, our ice rinks are produced in a circular manner and are sustainable in use. Our synthetic mats are also very durable.   

The advantages of a complete concept?

  • We achieve fast construction by working closely with our partners.   
  • Our tracks support reduced energy consumption.  
  • We think along with you – from the request up to your event. 
  • You can attract more visitors thanks to a unique experience.
Table with a concept drawing, a ramp model and a cup of coffee Man drifting with a cart on Neveplast floor system