Ride, Slide, & Glide with Swedice products

Adding value to fun – that’s the power of Swedice. We offer more than an ice rink, and more than a tubing track. As an experienced fun expert in Ride, Slide & Glide products, we deliver the ultimate experience. Expect exceptional entertainment and year-round fun. With over 20 years of knowledge and expertise, we continue to surprise you. We offer unique concepts as well as durable, high-quality products.

Complete package

A Swedice product is not just an ice rink. It’s an attraction – an experience! A project where you can trust us to deliver the job. Swedice has years of experience and acts as your project manager. We turn our creative ideas into reality. We design, calculate, produce, and install. With the help of our partners, you’ll get a full experience on location.

Infinite possibilities with Neveplast

Together with you, we look at how the attraction can become part of the location, and which aspects are important. Just ask, and our creative brains immediately start working! The possibilities start with Neveplast: synthetic mats that we can use in countless ways. Temporarily or permanently. Just think about:

  • A tubing track
  • Cross-country skiing without snow
  • Skiing on synthetic material
  • A kart circuit full of unexpected turns
  • Ice games without freezing temperatures
  • Or any other unique idea that adds value to your location


When you think of winter, you think of ice skating – and if you think of Swedice, you think of IceFun! Ice rinks are what Swedice was founded on. We offer a lot more than that now, but IceFun is still our pride and joy. We’ll make your ice rink temporary or permanent and shape it to suit your location. Our ice rinks are energy-efficient, made in a circular manner, and locally produced in Brabant.

Our IceFloor rinks are semi-permanent and offer skating pleasure whenever you want, without major construction. For example, we can install our unique rink with our IceSolid component in your shopping centre. Thanks to our innovative system, your ice rink will be ready in the blink of an eye. Are you ready? It’s skating time!