Ice rinks (Icefloo)

The ultimate winter fun

Ice rinks (ICEFLOO)

With many ice rinks popping up as winter arrives, it is becoming increasingly important to diversify yourself from the average rest and to be original. We know about the deal. With our in-house developed technology, we can offer you a premium ice rink. We take care of the installment, the maintenance and the eventual reassembling of your premium ice rink system.

Our ICEFLOO icerinksystem is perceived as a premium ice rink. The panel’s flat aluminium surface and the efficient horizontal conduction ensure an even and fast distribution of the cold temperature, leading to an extraordinary smooth ice surface. On top, the integrated layer of isolation secures a reduction in energy of 25%!

Apart from the technical sustainability, the rink also just looks very sharp. Due to our panels being long and even, the ice surface looks excellent. Do not be deceived, however, that this means our rinks can only be squared! We can shape the ice rink to your wishes. And thanks to the thick layer of isolation, our rink is even to be installed on a marble floor without damaging it!

For this rink to be an ice rink that enjoys your guests, you will need to pay attention to every detail and razor-sharp skates. Only sharp skates can make smiling faces: dull skates have even the best skater fall! Also the boarding can be totally designed to your wishes. Together we make sure that your ice rink will be the people magnet for the winterly fun!

The ICEFLOO characteristics

  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Minimum temperature loss
  • Stable floor
  • Integrated xPs insulation
  • Possibility for displaying ads on the ice surface
  • Possibility for installing LED lighting in the ice
  • Rapid recovery of the ice surface
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Impressive Ice rink Ice*Amsterdam


IceFloo system


Swedice has his own en unique IceFlow system for smooth and slippery ice.

Ice skating

Rental of ice skates

At full service we provide in addition skates and arrange the exploitation of the ice rink.

Construction Ice*Amsterdam


Sweidce arranges it all; from start to end!

Ice rinks (ICEFLOO)