Ice rinks (Icefloo)

The ultimate winter fun

Ice rinks (Icefloo)

As winter breaks, they come out again: the ice rinks. In the big city and in small villages, at the market or on a square. Small and large ice rinks with a magical Christmas market, food and drinks. In some places, the ice rink even grows into a winter wonderland that lasts for weeks.

Are you looking for an ice rink? With our mobile and (partially) covered ice rinks, we can provide an appropriate solution for every event and scenario. If you’re looking to rent skates, boarding and cooling systems, then you’ve come to the right place.

Temporary or permanent
Both are possible. We can install permanent ice rinks in an amusement park or holiday park or transform the market square into a temporary ice rink that is just the right size. Swedice installs and manages the track, and makes sure that everything is cleaned up afterwards.

Hightech with Icefloo
In addition to traditional ice rinks, we also offer ice rinks with the special Icefloo system. This has all the characteristics of a permanent ice rink with the benefits of a mobile rink. The flat top panel and horizontal conductor distribute the temperature evenly and quickly, resulting in a perfectly smooth and slippery ice skating surface.

The ICEFLOO characteristics

  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Minimum temperature loss
  • Stable floor
  • Integrated xPs insulation
  • Possibility for displaying ads on the ice surface
  • Possibility for installing LED lighting in the ice
  • Rapid recovery of the ice surface
  • More information?

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Impressive Ice rink Ice*Amsterdam


IceFloo system


Swedice has his own en unique IceFlow system for smooth and slippery ice.

Ice skating

Rental of ice skates

At full service we provide in addition skates and arrange the exploitation of the ice rink.

Construction Ice*Amsterdam


Sweidce arranges it all; from start to end!

Ice rinks (Icefloo)