Skiddy Driftkarting

Simulates driving on snow by drifting


With Skiddy you can drive on a surface with low grip. It simulates driving on ice. You can bump, drift, swing the wheel back and forth and it is crazy exhilarating.

Skiddy is a new Neveplast product made for recreational sports and karting. It combines ski slopes with karts. And so you can enjoy the feeling of drifting in snow in the summer and winter. Everyone, young and old, gets a rush of adrenaline from the Skiddy.

As slippery as ice
Skiddy consists of a pavement made of Neveplast NP30, which is a frictionless system that has unique characteristics and slipperiness even while dry while also having excellent wear resistance.

Why Skiddy?

  • High safety standards
  • Quick return on investment thanks to its high capacity
  • Suitable for different type of karts
  • Very low operating and maintenance costs
  • Almost no wear on the mats from the karts’ tires and mechanical parts
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DriftKarten the ultimate drift sensation!


Neveplast NP30


Neveplast NP30 does not need water or other additives to be as smooth as ice .



You can ride on Neveplast NP30 with different types of karts.