From the ordinary into the extraordinary!


A nice event or attraction will quickly turn spectacular if the furnishing itself is an experience. A beautiful décor, music, lighting add that finishing touch to it. We call this place making, an art in and of itself, in which our partner Kinetic Creative is lord and master.

Kinetic Creative creates a clear concept and eye-catching designs and develops a theme in which no detail is left to chance. Swedice provides the ‘hardware’, as it were, and Kinetic Creative the ‘software’. Skating requires an ice rink system, and sliding a slide structure. Kinetic Creative therefore provides the ‘software’ in a particular theme or look. And as Mark van Rooij of Kinetic says, “We create the vibe experience.”

‘Kinetic provides the finishing touch with beautiful graphic and spatial designs’

A good event or attraction cannot be created without reliable technology and a good ambiance. Kinetic Creative and the client develop a clear concept and guideline and translate this into an attractive design.

Let us colour your dreams with an amazing concept and impression.

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Kinetic Creative offers

  • Concept development for attractions or events
  • Theme decor design
  • Snow tube design
  • Lighting calculation
  • Complete theme development
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    +31 (0)73 6400614



Karting concept


Visualization of the concept. This provides the complete image.

Tubbing concepting


With you we design something unique, a new concept. We create ideas and show you how it can be realized.

Christmas Markt Ice*Amsterdam


Colorfull décors, lights en music completes the exeperience of your attraction.