Ski NP30

For the ultimate skiing and snowboard experience without snow!

Ski NP30

We can even simulate the ultimate winter sporting event on a ski or cross-country track. A slope is ideal for a ski track. And without a slope, we will make an ice rink or cross-country ski track. Our tracks can be used year round!

It feels like real snow
With Neveplast NP30, everyone can enjoy snow for skiing or cross-country skiing year round. The innovative synthetic material is incorporated into plastic mats. NP30 is the first generation of all Neveplast products and one of the best-selling systems for alpine skiing and snowboarding.

Even without slopes, enthusiasts can enjoy their winter sport activity of choice on a cross-country ski track. We can create an attractive circuit from the mats for visitors to ski cross-country on, even in the summer.

Neveplast for a ski slope or cross-country ski track
NP30 is sold per square metre and has an average technical service life of twelve years. The density of the bristles and the low friction coefficient allow you to maintain your speed. The material simulates real snow conditions, without abrasive action. To date, no accidents have been reported with Neveplast NP30 by the more than two million skiers and snowboarders.

Features of Ski NP30 (Neveplast)

  • Excellent lateral grip thanks to the special design
  • Neveplast NP30 guarantees the same experience as on natural, compact snow
  • High degree of slipperiness without the use of water, guaranteeing significant cost-savings.
  • Neveplast has been certified by the U.S.T.I.F. as having the same slipperiness as snow; you can start on a slope of about 8-10%!
  • Suitable for competition events; training slopes can be quickly assembled and disassembled
  • Easy to install on earth, grass, wood, asphalt and cement
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Neveplast NP30


Neveplast Ski NP30


We use Neveplast SKI NP 30 for Cross-country and ski slopes.

The whole year around

Technical lifespan of 12 years

Enjoy the whole year of alpine and snowboarding on sustainable tracks.

Flat or with a slope


With Ski NP30 we make ski slopes or short cross-country tracks.