What once started with a sled down the hill, grew into (snow) tubing. Speeding down the hill in a special tube. But in the summer you want to experience that same feeling of sliding down. Which can! With the tubing lanes you can slide in summer and winter.

For a tubing track we use Neveplast NP30 as a substrate. This not only glides smoothly, it is also a sustainable solution with endless possibilities; short – long, straight or curves. Everything is possible.

Endless possibilities
We install tubing tracks on a hill, mountain, jetty or mini halfpipe. If desired, we can make a straight track or one with several bends or, for example, with a ramp. The parabolic curve system is well suited for very steep slopes. On gentle slopes we can provide a quick first start with a platform. Where the job ends up also varies. One lane quietly leads to the Tubingtrack. Another time you end up in the water or perhaps on a Bigairbag. Every job is different.

Temporary or permanent
The construction of a track is easy to assemble and therefore excellent as a temporary solution. During a winter market as a crowd puller or during a summer festival or event. Afterwards, we simply take away the track again. No water or oil is required to keep the track smooth and fast, which means minimal maintenance.

Tubing lanes are suitable for all ages. And everyone likes to slide. Due to the raised edges you cannot fly out of the bend and the track is safe to use. The typical parabolic bends have a metal construction and are supplied complete with protective mattresses.

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