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Are you looking for an ice rink that is one of a kind? Then we can help your! Our rinks are everything but regular.

As winter breaks, they reappear: the ice rinks. In the big city and in small villages, at the market or on a square. Small and large ice rinks with a magical Christmas market, food and drinks. In some places, the ice rink even grows into a winter wonderland that lasts for weeks.

Are you looking for an ice rink? With our mobile and (partially) covered ice rinks, we can provide an appropriate solution for every event and scenario. If you’re looking to rent skates, boarding and cooling systems, then you’ve come to the right place.

Temporary or permanent

Both are possible. We can install permanent ice rinks in an amusement park or holiday park or transform the market square into a temporary ice rink that is just the right size. Swedice installs and manages the track, and makes sure that everything is cleaned up afterwards.

Total package

Creating the ultimate winter experience, that is what we try to accomplish in our ice rink projects. Whether we build it in Gibraltar, at the MuseumSquare or in a shoppingmall, with our expertise we create the most beautiful scene possible. We do not just install an ice rink, we provide the winter experience and fun!

Every situation asks for specific knowledge, which we mostly have in-house due to our extensive range of projects. We have built, maintained and even exploited various rinks, and we can think and create the perfect experience along with you! Otherwise, we have a large network of knowledge professionals who can certainly attribute to the project. Together we create the most beautiful, efficient and suitable rink that ensures the most fun at your venue!

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Glide projects