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We have just broken down the Tubby track in our own warehouse (see Timeline), but we are already building a new one! For us, summer usually means finishing up projects, innovating, and preparing for next winter. But that does not mean we do not build during summer! All season fun! Last year, we built a magnificent track in Saint Martin. This year, we have built two tracks in Heatherton, England. This exclusive liveblog has kept track of all the updates on the construction of this Tubby!

17th of May

We are done! The tracks look very sharp, and after testing and some amendments we are totally ready to have the track taken over by the public! The parabolic turns turn out to be very sharp indeed and will definitely ensure some adrenaline for the users! Even our project manager Thomas, who has seen many tracks already, cannot prevent a big smile on his face when testing the track. We are happy with this very successful project!

It is of the most importance that the tracks are safe, but also good-looking! As such, the track is finished off with a layer of grit to conceal the construction of the sides. Now, the grass hill has finally fully turned into an stylish Tubby attraction!

Next week, the tracks will also be opened to the public for the guests of Heatherton to enjoy them! South West Wales is the location where we have been this week! We have enjoyed the construction and the testing, now, let’s hope that the children will be as excited about them as we are!

16th of May

9:00 am: Today is testing day! Firstly, we will connect the last pieces of the track and finalize the work on the parabolic turns to have them installed neatly and safely, and we can start some tube-runs down!

1:00 pm: We have finalized both tracks, installed braking mats and inflated the tubes: We can start testing! The first slide is always an exciting one: will the track be fast enough, or will it be too fast, does it create friction somewhere, or is the run entirely smooth? We will find that out this afternoon and have plenty of time to adjust the track accordingly. We want the slide to be perfect for the guests! After the last finetuning, we can connect the tracks with the magic carpet and we will hand them over to the guests!

15th of May

9:00 am: With the moving belt ready, today will be the day of the actual installment of the Tubby track! With our last shipment being planned this morning we got a bit anxious, but even that last truck was right on time! Up until now, everything is going very smooth. The weather is also treating us just fine, even though the rain suits we brought could better be traded for sun screen…

11:00 am: Due to the puzzles we solved yesterday, most of the parts are ready to be turned into a Tubby track right away today! First we will install the smaller track, and when that one is done we will continue with the bended one. Again a very good day with lots of hard work and fun!

1:00 pm: Track 1 is already done! Just like our project in Guatemala, we are installing diverse tracks, so that all target groups of this park can enjoy a small or huge shot of adrenaline! The little ones will be served by the smaller track we have just installed, which is about half the size of its larger brother.

3:00 pm: The grass lands of the bigger track are slowly but steadily transforming into the second Tubby track! It is all going very fast now!

14th of May

Puzzling Swedice pieces Tubby EnglandSwedice Tubby Magic Carpet EnglandMagic Carpet Tubby Swedice England

9:00 am: Goodmorning! This morning, we began early with finalizing the magic carpet. Due to being ahead on schedule, we had to wait a while for the power supply to be up and running. In the meantime, we kept ourselves busy with puzzling! All the materials were brought perfectly sorted into England, so it was our job to recombine the materials in a way that will make a Tubby! The small ‘half pipes’ on the pictures are the steel structures for the parabolic turns, which we have already topped with Neveplast material. They are almost ready to go! After the power supply hit the magic carpet, we left our master puzzle be and continued with finishing the magic carpet.

13th of May

9:00 am: After several months communicating, designing, anxiousness for the Brexit and other preparations, we will start the installment today! We have arrived in England, which landscapes will serve as the décor for our newest Tubby track.

12:00 pm: Today and tomorrow will highlight the installment of the moving belt, which will return the guests and tubes back to the starting ramp. That way, nobody needs to climb the steep mountain!

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