Swedice celebrates its 25th anniversary!

We have special news! In September, Swedice celebrates its 25th anniversary! A special milestone for our company. The Swedice adventure began with our iconic ice rinks; over the years, we’ve grown into a company that develops season-independent total solutions worldwide. 

We look back with great pride on the many projects we have been privileged to realize. From themed tubing slides in Guatemala to a ski slope on the Dutch mountains, we have always strived to add value to fun. From large to small projects, nothing is too crazy for us! 

We are curious how you look back on 25 years of Swedice. Don’t hesitate to share your memories, experiences and photos with us!   

We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our success story, from our valued customers to our dedicated employees and partners worldwide. You have made Swedice what it is today. 

With full enthusiasm, we look forward to the future and many new adventures. Together, we will continue creating unforgettable experiences around the world. 

Cheers to 25 years of success, innovation, and unforgettable moments!