The most spectacular ice experience in the Netherlands for seventeen years


Ice*Amsterdam is an annual Swedice turnkey project. For the past 17 years, we have made it our job to give visitors a fantastic ice experience. We also manage the entire operation.

The ice rink is made using the revolutionary ICEFLOO system. Custom-made for the location, the entire pond at Amsterdam’s Museumplein is transformed into an ice rink. The boarding is custom fit to the concrete edging of the pond. The cooling system is permanently installed in the vault under the pond.

ICE*Amsterdam uses the revolutionary ICEFLOO system.

Swedice manages the installation of the cooling panels and connection of the cooling system. We also deliver the skates and manage the operation of the ice rink. The ice rink is swept every day by the ICE*Amsterdam ice master.

Concept & furnishing
The concept for the ice rink was designed in collaboration with Kinetic Creative. They are responsible for furnishing the ice rink with a replica of Amsterdam’s Magere Brug, a ‘skinny bridge’ which spans over the ice rink. The bridge provides an added dimension to the visitor experience and it is a popular place for a photo opportunity. Visitors can enjoy a walk across the bridge to the other side of the ice rink. It is also home to the annual Christmas market.

About ICE*Amsterdam
ICE*Amsterdam is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Pim Pronk and Dick Keser. Pim Pronk has years of experience on and off ice rinks, and in catering and operation. He is now the proud owner of the Amstel Boat House. Dick Keser is since 2000 owner of Swedice and since 2013 chairman of ICE*Amsterdam.

Products and Services

  • Ice rink with Icefloo system
  • Calculations of the ice rink & boarding
  • Design of the ice rink, boarding and main piping system
  • Concepting in collaboration with Kinetic Creative
  • Installation of the ice rink & boarding
  • Operation of ice rink + skates
  • Daily sweeping by ice master
  • Boarding, which fits to the concrete pond edging
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Lets skate!


3D presentation Christmas market


Ice rink, Christmas, winter, Christmas market, wood fire, hot chocolate, gloves. Everything you need.



In Amsterdam we use the custom made IceFloo system. A construction of aluminium plates.